Women Riders of north east india set out to spread the message of ‘Love and Peace’

Itanagar, 23rd October: Elizabeth Riba and Rakhe Agam Dui of ABC Motorcycle club have reached New Delhi on their motorbikes with the message of ‘Love and Peace’ for the entire country. They will continue the ride through Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and also Rajasthan.

The two women are spreading message against racism

The main reason for this riding is to make people think about the consequences of racism and how it is destroying the unity of our society. The duet of the two brave girls are riding with a poster of ‘stop racism’ from Arunachal Pradesh and north east India.

The topic of women empowerment is also discussed by them

Besides the message of racism reduction, the two women riders are also focusing on spreading the message about ‘Women empowerment’ and giving equal rights to women in the society.

The riders want to make the people of the other Indian states aware about North eastern states

They will also visit schools in remote areas of each state so that the children of the schools can be aware about the North eastern states. Moreover they will also socialize with other rider groups of the states so that North eastern people would not face harassment while riding in those States.

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