Himanta Biswa Sarma crackes down the drug peddlers & cow smugglers and thus got praised by Congress

Present Chief minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma is seen trying very hard to build his image in his one month tenure. He has been praised by Congress for showing initiative and efficient work in cracking down the drug peddlers, and cow smuggler within one month.


He is known as Assam’s longest serving educational minister and health minister of. Which leads to Assam scoring 28 in good health and gender equality.

As of we know BJP was there for last 5 years tenure, but the question arises about, where and what was BJP doing in it’s previous term. Only the chief minister changed, the rulling party was then also BJP and now also BJP. So the curiosity arise of previous leader Sarbnada Sonowal activity.

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BJP got accused and praised by the Congress in same time


Bobita Sharma chairperson of the media department of the Assam Pradesh Congress committee said, by showing BJP his long tenure, almost five years and one month old, why one month make a very big difference in there working growth. And questioned the integrity of the previous government to curb antisocial activity in it’s five years tenure.

She thereby accuses the previous five years work and in other hand praises the one month work by the government under the head of Himanta Biswa Sarma


Assam has been ranked as one of the worst performing state in Niti Ayog’s sustainable development goal index. This reason puts BJP in a hard position Infront of Congress. As they where questioned about there development agenda, which shows a bad position of Assam government poor performance. The Congress also questioned about implementating CAA through the direction of government.


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