Ward’s lake: A must visit natural beauty in Meghalaya

Shillong, 15th August: The magnificent beauty of wards Lake will surely amaze the travellers. This lake is one of the best attractions for the visitors who love to explore beautiful nature. The lake was named in the memory of then chief commissioner Ward.

Floral beauty of the place cannot be neglected

Covered with beautiful flower beds the place will give a peaceful evening to the travelers. Beautiful flora of this place will compel the Travellers to visit the place again and again. Beautiful orchids can be found in this amazing place.

Best time to visit the place

Generally the place can be visited all over the year but it will be better if the Travellers plan for the place in the month of June or July.

The horseshoe shaped lake is also known as Pollock’s lake

This Lake looks like a horseshoe and it is called polyps Lake by the local people. Spending time with your near and dear ones, picnics and romantic honeymoons will be very memorable in this place. The beauty of the place can be experienced better from the bride of the lake which is situated at the middle of it.

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