Vice President Shri Venkaiah Naidu said, ‘If the Northeast lags, then India lags behind’

Northern region: VC Venkaiah Naidu expressed his gratitude over the appreciable change in the states’ economy over the past seven years; he mentioned the remarkable increment of per capita net state domestic product of all the northern states.

During his Shillong visit on Monday, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu suggested the North-Eastern Council propel the northeast states on a resurgent phase of accelerated development by quickly resolving issues that have been impeding its progress.

While Addressing a workshop on “Changing role of the north-eastern council in the development of north-eastern region”, the Vice President focused on the thing that India’s progress cannot be complete if there was uneven progress in various regions, according to a press statement from the Vice President’s Secretariat.

Teamwork is essential for the development of the country

He suggested that the North-Eastern states share and explore best practices in various fields and derive mutual benefit. “India should work as Team India- Centre, states and local bodies working together on developmental issues to find solutions”, Naidu stated.

While admiring the NE Council for its commendable achievements, he said, “we cannot merely rest on our past laurels. We certainly have many miles to go”.

Stating that the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set on a path of reform in all aspects to improve performance and productivity, Naidu said that ease of doing business and ease of living are key objectives. “Working with a sense of urgency has become the norm”, he added.

New ethos and environmental policies to be introduced to the state

He said that from conceiving a policy or programme to its implementation, clear processes and timelines are drawn to meet the goals in time and ensure the delivery of purposeful benefits to the target. By mentioning various initiatives, including Swachch Bharat Mission and ‘Housing for All’ in this regard, the Vice President expressed confidence this new ethos and environment policy will be soon introduced to the Council.

Later, he also added, “We cannot afford to go slow. We cannot be satisfied with poor quality. We have to constantly strive to be better than the best”.

Considering 25 years plans of India as we celebrated our 75th independence, he highlighted the need to work on extreme poverty, reducing unfair treatment, rural and urban development gap, uplifting the education system and also the public health infrastructure for skilled, settled and healthy Atmanirbhar Bharat.

President wanted the Council to focus on filling the gaps in socio-economic development and said the North-Eastern Region Social Development Goals Index, 2021-2022 released by the Niti Ayog, provides clear direction in this regard.

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