Unakoti: Best place to visit in Tripura for History Lovers

Agartala, 25th June: North eastern states are surely the best place to visit for the travellers who love to visit hill stations. However the North eastern state Tripura has a surprise for the history lovers too.

One less than one crore rock cut are used here

The hills of Unakoti have a total of 99,99,999 rock cut images of goddesses and gods. It is a treat to the eyes of history lovers who want to know the history and culture of the North Eastern state of Tripura. Who has made the chronicle structures and how they were made is still a mystery.

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Bas- relief structure is followed here

The structure of Unakoti is like a Bas- relief structure where the image is projected at a shallow depth. Travellers should not miss the marvellous rock craving, murals filled with amazing beauty. According to the Indian mythology, once lord Shiva was going to Kashi along with one crore gods and goddesses and the place of unakoti was chosen by him for a night halt on the way to Kashi.

Best time to visit Unakoti

Best time to visit Unakoti is from the month of October to the month of April. Each year in the month of April a big fair called Ashokashtami mela is held in April and a large number of pilgrims visit the place at this time. For the travelers who want to enjoy the beauty of a historical place as well as a pilgrim must come at least once here.


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