Two Youths embarked a motorcycle mission to Delhi to spread awareness on Assam Floods

Guwahati, 26th July: Two youths from Assam went for a bike ride to delhi. The main objective of this duo is two spread awareness about the increasing Assam floods. The two youths are identified as Pathsala Rakesh Choudhary and Sourav Patgiri and they both belong to Bajali.

That journey began on 16th July

The exciting journey of the two youth influenced the young citizens of Assam. They began their journey on 16th July from Pathsala at 9:30 pm. Both of them covered a distance of 1,300 kilometres and halted in Lucknow at 9:30 pm on 17th July, 2021. The next morning they restarted their journey from Lucknow to New Delhi and covered a distance of 550 kilometres in 11 hours.

That journey was delayed due to heavy rainfall

The entire journey can be completed earlier but the main reason behind the delay is the heavy rainfall during their journey. As a consequence of the heavy rainfall they have to halt at multiple places.

This motorcycle ride will surely attract the eyes of Central Government

They completed their journey with the motto of increasing the awareness of Indians about the increasing number of floods in Assam. This will also attract the attention of the central government and they will surely look into the matter.

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