Two day training program to preserve tribal cultures & heritages of Northeast

Itanagar, 4th November: The ‘Hayang Memorial Agro Industrial and Education Trust’ organized a two-day training programme. The main objective behind the two day training program was to preserve tradition and culture of the northeastern States.

Traditional cultural things were taken into consideration in this program

The things which are covered in this training program are the traditional and folk art, manuscript, literature, craft and documentation of cultural activities at Pabua government middle school near here. The culture and heritage of North eastern states are decreasing and being extinguished day by day.

The entire program started on 1st October and concluded today

The training program started on 1st October and completed today with a successful outcome. Headmaster of the school said, “Hitey Sangyu expressed concern over the less participation of youths in local festivals as well as such programmes.

The culture and local tradition should not be extinct

He said the local culture and tradition is on the verge of extinction, and therefore it’s the youth’s responsibility to make sure it is preserved and carried forward”. It is expected that the state government will be able to preserve the tradition and culture of North eastern states after this training program.

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