Two arrested in Sarupathar with seizure of illicit liquor

Sarupathar, 16th July: Some raids were conducted on Thursday by Sub-divisional officer Trinayan Bhuyan and his team members. They seized and destroyed almost 500 litres of illicit liquor.

Illicit liquor were seized from two different places

Among the 500 litres of illicit liquor, 400 litres of illicit liquor seized at Borchapori gaon under Barpathar police station and whereas 100 litres of illicit liquor were seized at Bishnupur under Uriamghat police station.

Two persons were arrested by the police department

 After a detailed investigation, two accused persons were arrested for being involved in the smuggling of Illicit liquor. The accused have been identified as Shikari Terang from Balipathar in Karbi Anglong and Babul Bora from Nagajuri in Sarupathar. Investigation is still going on to know whether anyone else is involved in this case. The police department is doing its best to reduce antisocial elements in the state.

Two accused and illicit liquor were handed over to the excise department

The Assam government is very much concerned about the increasing anti-social activities in Assam. However, the work of the Sub-divisional police department was really appreciable. Two accused persons in this case along with seized illicit liquor were handed to the excise department.

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