Tura: Best place for nature lovers to visit in Meghalaya

Shillong, 29th June: The travelers who want to spend a peaceful vacation far away from the claustrophobic city life should not miss Tura, the beautiful village of Meghalaya. Tura is a village of Meghalaya situated amidst the dense forest which will amaze the travellers by its beauty. The natural and panoramic beauty is a treat to the eyes of nature lovers.

Best time to visit Meghalaya

The best time to visit the place is the summer season as the temperature remains very pleasant at this time. Most of the travelers plan the vacation to Tura between the months of March and June. The tourists can also experience the panoramic beauty of Brahmaputra valley from the peak of Tura.

Various tourist spots can be enjoyed here

Climbing the 1400 high Tura peak is quite adventurous and the photographers will be delighted by taking the beautiful pictures from this view. Siju caves situated in Tura is one of the complex caves which must be visited by the Travellers visiting Meghalaya.

Tourists must visit Siju bird sanctuary

Siju bird sanctuary is another attraction for the visitors of Tura as a large number of endangered bird species can be found here. It will be a great place for the peace-loving people as well as the adventure lovers.

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