Troops of newly raised Tibetan unit deployed near Sikkim border

Gangtok, 22nd June: China has deployed the troops of the newly raised Tibetan unit. This unit is also known as Special Tibetan Army Unit (STAU).

Two batches of troops are selected for deploying near Sikkim border

The first set of the troop is deployed at Chumbi Valley between Sikkim and Bhutan. According to a source, Two batches of troops comprising about 100 youths each are taken for deploying near Sikkim border.

Training is given to the troops

High quality and effective training has been given to the first troop which has already been deployed near Chumbi Valley. The deployed troops covered various places such as Yutung, Rinchengang. It is also informed by the source that the second batch is being trained so that they can also be sent to do their duties.

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Local people were given priority

It was very crucial work as many factors were taken into consideration while training the troops. Whether the local people will be able to adapt the troops and the language barrier will affect the work or not was also a major concern. Local people were given the first choice as they will be more familiar with the place, weather and culture of the place. The troops of the new unit were blessed by Tibetan monks after completing their training period.


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