Tripura: State cabinet announces Promotion of all Eligible Govt.Employees to promote workship of employees

Agartala,22 June:Chief Minister Shri.Biplab Deb thanked all the members of the cabinet, because of the decision for resuming all its employment facilities, it is important decision to improve the workshop of state government employees in the cabinet meeting today. The cabinet has decided to promote the state government employees. Which was closed since 2017. As a result, the government employees have to face financial losses. Many have already retired.

State Cabinet’s Decision on it

Keeping in mind the court case, the State Cabinet has decided that the qualified employees will be promoted one-time (AID-Haq). Respect will also increase when they promote them. Which will overall the passage of employment.

Additional Decisions


The cabinet also decided that if the additional position is required in the process of planning this process, then the state government will complete the promotion of eligible employees by creating additional posts (super nuclear post).

This will benefit from the huge portion of the state, the public and general class employees.


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