Tripura’s image being damaged by certain miscreants: Deputy CM Jishnu Dev Varma

Agartala, 15th November: the image of the state of Tripura is being damaged by certain people.

Tripura deputy chief Minister discussed regarding damaging the reputation of the state

Tripura Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Dev Varma said ‘There are deliberate attempts by certain quarters’ . According to him, some people are doing a lot to tarnish the State’s image.

The religious issues of Tripura also discussed by him

It was alleged many times against pura that the minor community and their religious places were attacked by certain people. However, Jishnu Dev Varma said,  “No mosque was burnt in Tripura. The state is being discredited by circulating pictures of other countries”.

He made the people remember that Tripura is a place of inter religious harmony

Dev Varma also said that claiming Tripura was being defamed by spreading rumours about the state. Tripura is a state of inter religious harmony and no religion is insulted here. All the claims on Tripura and its citizens are fake and cannot be taken into consideration.

Both Hindu and Muslim communities in Tripura are living with harmony

The Deputy Chief Minister said that in two-three cities of Maharashtra, stones were pelted in the name of Tripura on Friday. However, in Tripura, both Hindu and Muslim communities are in harmony.

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