Tripura sets an example to the nation by vaccinating 98% of 45+ age group

Agartala, 27th June: Over 83% of eligible people in Tripura have been vaccinated already. Now Tripura sets a national record by vaccinating almost 98% of people of more than 45 years old.

Over 24.26 lakh people have been vaccinated

National Health Mission director Dr Siddharth Shiv Jaiswal said, “Out of 29 lakh eligible people, a total population of 24.26 lakh people have already been vaccinated.” Mr Jaiswal also added that Tripura has successfully vaccinated all the health workers with the first dose and only 27% of the workers are left with the second dose.

100% vaccination has been given to the health workers

The rate of vaccination in Tripura has been found to be the highest in the country. It is expected that within the next week Tripura will cover its 100% vaccination.

Seven villages in Tripura declared themselves fully vaccinated

According to a report almost 47% of the people belonging to the 45 + age group have gotten the second dose of vaccine. Whereas only 2% of the population belonging to the 45 + age group are left to be vaccinated with the first stage. Almost six villages of North Tripura along with a village in Sepahijala district have announced themselves fully vaccinated

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