Tripura Rural develops bamboo straws to reduce the use of plastic straws

Agartala, 24th June: Samir Jamatia, a 36 year old bamboo technologist of Tripura with association with Tripura Tribal Rural people has developed tribal folk straws to new age product on Bamboo Straws. According to a report, a regular man or woman consumes almost 38000 plastic straws throughout his or her life which can lead to devastating environmental pollution.

Plastic straws are causing huge environmental pollution

The Conference on the Oceans of the United Nations Development Program informed that the oceans contain more than 18000 plastic fragments per square kilometer which is a major cause for the death of different Marine species living in the oceans.

Many western countries have already banned the use of plastic straws

Developed countries of Europe, the UK and Canada have already announced the upcoming ban of plastic straws to reduce the use of plastic to a great extent. In such a case, biodegradable and environmentally friendly bamboo straws can be a great alternative to the plastic straws.

Order of 1 lakh bamboo straws has been received

A huge order of almost 1 lakh bamboo straws has already been received within a very short time span of introducing bamboo straws by Mr. Jamatia.Handcrafted by experienced Tribal Rural People, these bamboo straws can be used several times for or more than one year. The price has been fixed 1.5 rupees per straw and the delivery is also being done in eco-friendly cardboard boxes to deliver a full environment friendly service to the customers

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