Tripura High Court Observant of Covid-19 Vaccine Status in the State

Covid-19 Vaccine is the demand of the hour. More drastic the second wave of corona virus became, people, started to undertake vaccination for their well-being. However, the carelessness observed in the initial stage in imparting the vaccines to the citizens of India has resulted in a massive shortage of vaccines all across the nation. Tripura is undergoing a similar crisis.


Distribution Disparity


Meanwhile, Tripura HC referred to the suo-moto of the shortage of preparation from the Tripura government with regard to the handling of the second surge of Coronavirus cases in the state. The unavailability of vaccines for people in the age group of 18 to 44 has been observed by the court.

The High Court asked the state government to address the issue of the irregular distribution of vaccines in the state.

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Bench’s Statement


The bench division stated “Prima facie, such disparity could be on account of severe shortage of doses as compared to the persons eligible to receive and are willing to receive the vaccine and the requirement of online registration. We request the State administration to address this issue and to ensure that the vaccine doses whenever available for such age groups are not monopolized by any region or class of citizens and that there is a more equitable distribution of such vaccines.”


Other Suggestions by the Court


The High Court also highlighted the need to take more precautions while allowing the attendants of the patients to meet them as they can spread the virus.


The court also pressed the government for the daily vaccination bulletin and to give out important information to the citizens on a regular basis.


The next hearing over the subject is scheduled for June 25th, 2021.


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