Tripura government postpones the 3 day film festival of Bangladesh government

Agartala, 20 th October: The 3-day film festival of the Bangladesh government in Agartala has been postponed. The main reason behind the postponed festival is the violence in Bangladesh for the minorities.

Tripura chief minister requested Bangladesh government to take actions against the in humane incident

The film festival was scheduled to be organised on Thursday. Bangladesh Assistant High Commission informed that the film festival was postponed “due to unavoidable circumstances”. Tripura chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb on Tuesday requested the Bangladesh government to take immediate actions against the inhumane incidents in Bangladesh. He also requested to give the properties and rights of the minorities back as soon as possible.

Many organisations in Assam and Tripura are also protesting against the incident in Bangladesh

Many organisations of India standing with the Hindu community in Bangladesh have badly protested the incident. Various intellectuals and political parties of Assam and Tripura are also with the minor community.

The film festival will only be organised if the minorities in Bangladesh will get justice

Various organisations in Tripura and Assam are protesting the incident. Tripura government has announced that the Bangladesh film festival will not be organised until the minorities in the country gets justice.

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