TMC, Tripura Releases Song ‘ Khele Hobe Tripurai ‘. A Sign Of Political Shift In Tripura ?


Gazed by the victory in the assembly elections, TMC has now released the song Khela Hobe in Tripura on the lines of Bengal. Here the name of this song has been given as ‘Khela Hobe Tripurai.’


TMC moving towards National Politics :

In fact, after the Bengal victory, Mamata Banerjee is trying to move forward in national politics and TMC has made it clear. A few days ago, Abhishek Banerjee had clearly said that TMC is now entering national politics with full planning and winning a seat in national politics is not their goal, but their goal is to win the state. A blueprint is being prepared for how to proceed. It will be completed in 1 month.


First campaign initiates from Tripura :

The first campaign under this scheme has started from Tripura. In the state, TMC has started political activities with the song ‘Khela Hobe’. There is a discussion in the political circles of Bengal that Mukul Roy can be reassigned the responsibility of Tripura campaign. Even before this, Mukul Roy was engaged in a campaign to increase the political effectiveness of TMC in Tripura. It is discussed that Mukul Roy is in conversation with BJP MLA Sudip Roy Burman in Tripura.


Sudip Roy Burman Equation : 

Sudip Roy Burman was in TMC for a year before joining the BJP. He has been a major contributor in taking the TMC forward in Tripura. But after Sudeep left the TMC and joined the BJP, the existence of TMC in Tripura was in trouble.

TMC is trying if Sudeep and some MLAs along with him are disbanded then TMC can take good initiative before 2023 Tripura elections. However, no one wants to talk about this right now.


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