Three women found with ganja at Guwahati Railway station

Guwahati, 28th June: Three women were arrested at Guwahati Police station by the Assam Police with the help of Railway Protection Force. The trio was found carrying ganja weighing 8 kgs.

The three were women carrying 8kgs ganja

According to the Assam Police, the three women were identified as Sunita Devi (40), Ripta Devi (45) and Kira Devi. The police also informed that all the three women belong to Bihar. Lady railway police constables were sent to arrest the three women carrying ganja. They were investigated at first but they refused to carry ganja with them. The lady constables found the packets of ganja after searching their luggage.

Railways Police Force helped to arrest the three women

The RPFs arrested the three women from the Guwahati Railway station and handed them to the Guwahati Police. The CM of Assam is very much concerned with the increasing illegal activities in Assam. He ordered the Assam police to take preventive measures so that the illegal and anti-social activities can be reduced in the state.

The Assam police registered a case against the trio

A case was registered against the three women carrying ganja. The case was registered as per NDPS act.

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