Three Rangia Girl Wins at National Level Fashion Competition of Rajasthan

Rangia, 16th August: The Assam government felt proud when 3 rangia girls won the National level fashion competition. The national level fashion competition was organised in Rajasthan and it was very impressive when the three rangia girls achieved victory in it.

Three Rangia girls joined the fashion competition

According to reports, Jesika Deka, Urbarshi Saikia, and Jahnavi Saikia have recently participated in a fashion competition organized in Rajasthan. The name of the fashion show was ‘Supermodel of Rajasthan’.

The Assam daughters won first three awards in the competition

The Assam daughters have won the first three awards. Again it is proved that the North Eastern states of India are nothing less than other states of India. Around 700 contestants from the country participated in this fashion competition in Rajasthan. The presentation of the three girls of Assam showed that they are so much forward in the field of fashion.

Every citizen of Assam is proud of this three girls

They were felicitated at the Rangia Rail Junction by the citizens of Assam. Notably, Assam and its culture have gone far and wide in recent times. It is high time to develop various factors of the state so that it can do wonders.

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