Tripura: Thousands of devotees gathered to catch the last glimpse of ‘Pagli Mashi’

Agartala, 25th June: Thousands of devotees were seen to be gathered in pagli mashi ashram situated at Melagarh of Tripura. A pale of gloom descended over the state when everybody came to know that their beloved pagli mashi was no more.

She was worshipped by her large number of devotees : 

According to a source, pagli mashi was more than hundred years old and was worshipped by the local people as an incarnation of Maa Kali. Many well known people are being blessed with this mystique lady and devotees even from the states of Bangladesh Myanmar used to come to take her blessings. 

Pagli Masi was suffering from an ailment :

It is also known from the devotees of pagli mashi that she was suffering from some ailments related to mouth for the last three days and left her last breath on Wednesday. The doctor was called when no response was coming from her and she was declared dead by the doctor. 

CM also expressed grievance for her death :

Large number of people gathered in the ashram even in the pandemic situation of covid-19. The CM of Tripura Biplab Kumar Dev has also expressed his grievance for the death of pagli mashi. The devotees are very much shocked by the news as it is a huge loss for the state to lose such a mystic lady.

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