The Tripura government was criticized for the abolition of 1971 war memorials

Agartala, 7th July: Several social organisations of India and Bangladesh have criticized the “demolition” of the memorials of the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war in Agartala.

Demolition of war memorial in Tripura have disappointed many people and organisations

Many scholars were also disappointed by such an unexpected work of the Tripura Government. The Tripura Sanskriti Samannay Kendra (TSSK) has also criticised the Tripura government for the “demolition” of the 1971 war memorials.

Leading intellectuals of Bangladesh also contained the demolition

20 leading intellectuals of Bangladesh said that the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war memorials at the Post Office Chowmuhani in the heart of Agartala are reminiscent of the liberation war. New generations can learn should not be derived from knowing about the bloody battle with the help of the memorials such as commemorative war armours, a battle tank and big guns.

The Tripura government has been requested to return the memorials of 1971 war

The TSSK and many other organisations have demanded the return of the memorials which have been demolished by the Tripura government. The Tripura government has also assured to look into the matter and give some effective solution regarding this.

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