Tripura: The first ‘Kisan Rail’ in NorthEast, The Journey Started.

The train will reach the Delhi directly with jackfruit and pineapple from Agartala. The main goal of the current government under the leadership of Honorable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modiji is the development of the initial field. This is the example of this kisan rail.

As a result of this railway movement, the advantages of the state will be developed financially, as well as opportunities for expansion of the market. So, CM Biplab Deb said thanks to the whole peasants of the state of Honorable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modiji and Railway Minister Piyush Gouzi.

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Due to the launch of this railway, the cost of transportation will be reduced. Earlier, it would have been expected to send through the airplane, 50 rupees from 20 rupees to 50 rupees today, it is only 2.25 in Delhi and 88 paisa in Guwahati. This epidemic has only been sent to jackfruit and pineapple. But in the state, as well as paddy, lemon, kaju, dragonfruit, Kashmiri Apple Cool and more crops are well-produced. And its needs are huge in the external kingdom. Therefore, special attention will be given to the rest of the crops. Farmer-friendly government is determined to double the income of farmers. Outside the state, they will continue to make all efforts to market their crops produced.stated by CM Biplab Deb


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