Tea industry of Assam gets affected due to less rainfall

Guwahati, 14th July: Various parts of Assam are experiencing very less rainfall this year leading to loss of tea farmers. One of the RMC officials said, ” Assam gets a heavy rainfall in the months of July and August every year but this year the condition of almost all parts of Assam is the same. Both lower and upper parts of Assam are having scanty rainfall this year”.

NETA is concerned about the situation

. He also stated that the effect of global warming is also being seen as climate change. North Eastern Tea Association (NETA) is also concerned about the less rainfall as tea production in Assam is also being affected due to less rainfall.

Last year the tea industry was also affected due to lockdown

NETA chairman Sunil Jalan said, “The tea industry was affected a lot in 2020 due to lockdown situations. This year, the tea production has also been affected due to less rainfall.”

Deficit of 45 percent rainfall is seen this year

According to a report, the rain deficit of almost 45 percent has been witnessed this year. The Assam Government is concerned about the matter and assured the citizens to take preventive measures as soon as possible.

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