Tea garden workers in Assam going to get employment under MGNREGS

Guwahati, 15th July: The Assam Government is going to provide employment to the tea garden workers under MGNREGS.

Various types of jobs will be given in winter season

The Assam cabinet has devised that various types of works like oond evacuation, tree plantation and road building and other jobs will be given to the tea garden workers. The jobs will be given to the workers in the lean winter season when the production of tea is not high.

The workers will get a hike in their wages

Daily wages of the workers will also be increased by 38 rs per day. After the hike in wages, the tea garden workers in Brahmaputra valley will get 205 rs per day and those working in Barak valley will get 183rs per day. This will surely help the workers to spend a better life even when there is no work at tea gardens.

10 lakh tea garden workers will be given employment

There are almost 10 lakh tea garden workers in Assam where 55 percent of the tea is produced. All of them will get change to earn their livelihood under MGNREGS.

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