Tamulpur police recovered stolen mobile handsets and mobile goods

Tamulpur, 22nd July: Tamalpur Police raided various parts of Tamulpur and recovered many stolen mobile handsets, mobile chargers, bluetooth headphones, power banks, electric chargers, music systems and many more items. All the mobile goods and mobile handsets were found in good condition.

Several mobile goods items of the mobile shop was looted

Some thieves entered a mobile goods and electronics supplier shop on 4th June in Tamulpur area and looted several mobile goods and items worth lakhs of rupees.

Subdivision police officer assured the owner of the mobile shop

Subdivision police officer Rupjyoti Kalita told said, “Through the IMEI numbers of the mobile handsets given by the owner of the mobile phone shop, we have been able to locate the location of the stolen mobile phones and catch the thieves.”

The persona involved in this case is identified as Buhum Brahma

The police team recovered various stolen items from the possession of Buhum Brahma. It is suspected that many other persons are also involved in this case and hence further investigation is going on. The goods recovered today are expected to be worth around Rs 3.50 lakh.

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