State Government Setting Up Hospital in Nagaland

The second surge of Covid in the country has put out an immense need for hospitals, beds, ventilators, and ICUs. Thus, all the governments have become quite alert regarding the fact. Nagaland has been no different in the row. The government has promised its people to develop a 200-bed hospital.


Health Minister’s State

The Health Minister of the state told the press on Friday, “We are also in the process of setting up a 200-bed acute care facility at the CIHSR campus on a war footing.”

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Current Scenario

The 200-bed acute care hospital is being set at Christian Institute of Health Sciences and Research in Dimapur. The project is expected to cost 30 crores INR to the government of Nagaland. Thete will also be 24 beds for pediatric ICU ward considering to the warning that the third wave will be harmful for kids.


Looking upon the current scenario of medical facilities in the state, there are 1332 beds in Covid Care Centres. Apart from that the number of non-oxygen beds in the state is 378, oxygen beds is 535 and teh number of ICU beds in the state is 101.


The project is expected to support the state during the time of coming waves of Covid, if any. The state healthcare system came to the verge of its capacity during the second wave of Coronavirus. There have been multiple projects in the pipeline to save the state from any turmoil as setting up of oxygen plants et cetera.



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