Small tea growers affected by the fall in prices of tea leaves

Guwahati, 18th July: Small tea growers in Assam are facing financial loss due to fall in the prices of tea leaves. Biswanath Regional Small Tea Growers’ Association alleged that small tea growers are not getting the actual price by selling tea leaves in the market.

Price of tea leaves are higher in the month of May

The price of tea leaves reached upto 37Rs. Per Kg in the month of May when the production was quite low. On the other hand, the prices of tea leaves again increased when the production increased in June. The drastic change in the price of green leaves shocked the President and other members of the association. 

The price of tea leaves is the lowest in July

According to the report of the association, the price of green leaves reaches 17 Rs per kg in the month of July. Though the fixed price of tea has been fixed to Rs. 28.72 per Kg but the bought leaf factories cut down the prices.

Assam Government should take preventive measures as soon as possible

As a consequence, the small tea growers are suffering. No preventive measures have been taken by the government till now.

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