Sikkim to completely ban plastic bottles from January 2022

Sikkim: One of the Seven Sisters from Northeast’ Sikkim made a big decision for the environment by doing away with plastic bottles. The government has taken this step to reduce pollution; packaged mineral water bottles will be banned in Sikkim from 1st January 2022. said by Chief Minister PS Tamang. Instead of that, Natural water resources like rivers and reusable bottles have been promoted as alternatives.

CM Tamang said that the three-month gap had been given to establishments to Overwhelm their existing supply of mineral water bottles.

Making India plastic-free

Sikkim plays an important role to make India a plastic-free India.
Sikkim has always contributed to the free exergame in reducing plastic pollution in the country. It was the first state to ban disposal and plastic bags below 50 microns in 1998.
In 2016 they stopped using styrofoam and thermocol disposable plates and cutlery in the whole state.

In fact, this wasn’t the first time that they have spoken of banning plastic water bottles. In 2016, they confined their use from government offices and events by promoting filtered water, water dispensers and reusable water bottles. In 2012 Lachen town of north Sikkim, India was declared as a plastic-free region.

When it comes to travellers of the region, they were asked to either dispose of the plastic bottles they used or transfer their water into reusable ones, available at all shops in the area. Vehicles were checked at random to make sure no plastic bottles were purchased and used.

Options apart from plastic water bottles

On Gandhi Jayanti, CM Tamang said focused on utilising the natural water resources of Sikkim, such as river water after filtration. This would be healthier and convenient for the people and the environment. “Sikkim is rich in natural water resources, and all essential needs for water can be fulfilled within the state through environment-friendly programs (like the National Water Quality Monitoring Programme)

Lachen set yet another standard by introducing non-polluting bamboo bottles as a substitute for plastic bottles, and that might create the way forward for a new green future for the state.

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