Sikkim gets most film friendly state award

Gangtok, 27th October: Sikkim has availed the most film friendly state of India in the 67th National Film awards organised in New Delhi. Though the award was announced before it was given to Sikkim later.

The award was given by the vice president of India

Minister information and public relations department of Sikkim, Loknath Sharma received the award from the vice president of India, Venkaiah Naidu. National media centre of New Delhi already announced the award for Sikkim as most film friendly state of India on 22nd March.

Promising future of Sikkim in film industry could not be neglected

The ministry of Sikkim will surely be developed after getting the award and the promising future of Sikkim for making cannot be neglected. Sikkim got National as well as international level acknowledgement after getting this award from Indian Government.

The citizens of Sikkim are proud of the state

Sikkim has been recognised as one of the greatest filmmaking destinations of India and this is really a proud moment for all the sikkimese. The financial sector of Sikkim also hopes to be developed if the film industry gets better chances here for shooting.

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