Sikkim bechuwas are selling the existence of the state

Gangtok, 15th November: Former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling on Sunday alleged that a bunch of ‘Sikkim Bechuwas’ running the SKM government intended to sell the existence of Sikkimese and Sikkim within 10 years.

He also alleged that all the ancestral property is are also going to be sold

Chamling said, “A bunch of merciless Sikkim Bechuwas are running the SKM government. Chief Minister P.S. Tamang has been asking for 10 years. He needs the first five years to sell all of our ancestral properties, lands and assets and he will need another five years to sell our existence, Sikkimese soul and the existence of the State of Sikkim itself in totality”.

Keeping quiet is not expected now

It is high time to take actions against the Sikkim buchawas who are going to sell almost every asset of the state. If everyone keeps quiet even now the condition of the state is going to be worse.

Chamling expects the Sikkim people will take action

Chamling informed in a weekly press meeting, “I hope that Sikkim will not repeat this blunder again and again by giving these Sikkim Bechuwas such a free hand. Our tolerance and silence will be at our peril.”

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