Senapati: One of the best places to visit in Manipur

Imphal, 18th November: Senapati is one of the major attractions of travellers longing for visiting the North Eastern states of India. The place will surely amaze the travelers with its enchanting natural beauty.

Verdant forest of the area will amaze the travellers by its beauty

It must be remembered that 80% of the places are covered with verdant forest. The forest lovers might spend a lonely evening roaming around the Woodland and enjoying the peace which relies amidst the forest. The panoramic view of the forest region is very appealing for every photographer. Beautiful hilly areas time reverse deep causes and dark forest – everything can be found in the place.

Best time to visit the place

The best time to visit the place is early summer when the temperature remains the most favourable here. It is recommended to avoid the place during the monsoon season as the journey will be hectic during heavy rainfall. The rich flora and fauna of the place is also very much appealing for the visitors.

A lot of endangered species can be found here

Several endangered species can be found in the forest regions of the place. Yangkhullen is one of the worth visiting places of Senapati as the natural as well as historic ambience of this place is worth praising.

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