Samir Jamatia from Tripura is utilising Bamboo Waste to make Household Products

Bamboo Leaf Tea, an innovative idea of Samir Jamatia, which has earned lots of appreciation from every parts of the world, is gearing up for round 2. Samir Jamatia who is a Bamboo Technology Expert has come up with another innovative idea in association with CIPET Agartala. This time he came up with the idea of utilizing bamboo wastage to form hardware and household items.

Usually in the Agarbatti industries only 10% of the raw bamboo products are utilised and rest of the 90% gets procured as wastage. Samir Jamatia’s idea revolves around utilising this 90% wastage to form utensils made from bamboo. The bamboo fibre composite is environment friendly and has anti bacterial properties. The composite is considered to have Mechanical properties as well.

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The innovation goes as per with the Tripura Government’s current Bamboo mission and has received appreciation locally as well. The bamboo wastage is currently been procured from the incense factories located in Bamboo Park Agartala and Kumarghat under Unakoti district. More incoming projects in various sectors of South Tripura and Dhalai district is also under process.

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Samir Jamatia is a bamboo technologist runs the Bamboo Forum of Tripura. He has many innovative projects which are setup across the Northeast India due to large availability of Bamboo Plants here. This type of projects with bamboo plants can help the environment to heal from climate change and global warming.



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