Residents of Shillong got angry after cutting down 100 year old pine trees for road expansion

Shillong, 24th June: Shillong residents burst into anger after witnessing the cutting down of old pine trees in the name of road expansion.

Video of cutting down pine trees gets viral

Some of the trees cutting down were found to be more than hundred years old. The video of cutting down the trees instantly became viral on social media leading to the massive outcry of Shillong citizens.

Shillong residents get very much disturbed

One of the residents said, “It is really disappointing to see the trees being destroyed. We want development but not at the cost of destroying the iconic stretch.” The residents were very much disappointed with the Meghalaya government for such kind of destruction of trees.

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Forest and environment minister assured for compensation

The minister of forest and environment, James Sangma expressed his grievance over this incident and assured Shillong Citizens to compensate the loss of trees by planting more trees. He said, “Only 8 trees were felled down to give a narrow space photo expansion of Shillong- Dawki National highway. We also want to save our environment and we are cautious enough to compensate for the loss of trees due to this road expansion”.


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