Radio collar being used to track elephant movement in Sonitpur district

Sonitpur, 18th November: Tracking elephant movement has become important in the state of Assam due to many issues.

A sophisticated device has been used to manage the wild animals

The Department of Environment and Forests, in technical collaboration with WWF India, has taken a new initiative to deal with the man elephant conflict. measure of using a sophisticated device known as radio collar to tackle the wild jumbos in Assam. The attempt is mainly made in order to understand their ranging pattern, habitat usage and overall behaviour. The device will help to deal with the regular issue of man elephant conflict and make the area peaceful.

Several attempts were made to deal with the issue

The Government of India has already given permission for collaring five elephants in Sonitpur, Biswanath and Udalguri districts of Assam. They have attempted many actions to deal with the issue of man elephant conflict.

One female elephant of age 35 was also collard

Several attempts were made in the tea garden complex near Rangapara, Sonitpur. The attempts were mainly to collar suitable elephants and one female elephant aged 35 could be collared successfully in Tarajuli tea estate on 14th November.

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