Pleasure for yak farmers Scheme proposed by National Research Center in Arunachal Pradesh

After two months of halt, the scheme proposed by National Research Center on yak at Dirang in the West Kameng district bringing joy to the yak farmers . The national Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has approved a credit plan for yak husbandry in Arunachal Pradesh as reported by press trust of India.

It is said by NABARD that this credit plan would open new business opportunities for the people of Arunachal Pradesh and by joining the commercial banks who are convinced by the proposals will bring the flow of money in state through the yak industry. A great demand and supply flow.

“Will boost a yak husbandry and will boost the livelihood of herders,” NRCY Director Dr Mihir Sarkar said. Farmers accepted the move and looking forward to it.

Yak the Prized animal of north eastern states

Yak due to its historical, regional and daily life importance in the north east has become one of the most prized animals in north east states. Also yak has socio-cultural importance in communities. They provide mil, meat and fiber.

The concerns have been raised by many environmentalist scholars and activists on declining population of the yak in the country. Dr. Mihir Sarkar said,” the scheme will help in curbing the declining population of the yak”.

Future plans for the industry

For time being now it is implemented in Arunachal Pradesh having said that Sarkar mentions that, it might be introduced in Ladakh in near future.

The scheme has provided easy way to entails loans to the farmers through the commercial banks. Sarkar has called for the meeting of banks in the month of November to prepare a proper plan. Till then for now farmers can avail loan up to rupees 5.65 lakh.

Further developments waited till November.

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