Petrol price crosses Rs 100 in Tripura leading the common people disappointed

Agartala, 6th July: The common people in Tripura burst out in anger as the price of petrol per liter crossed Rs 100 while in the state. They were more furious when they got to know that the price of diesel reached Rs 93 per liter on Monday. The lives of the common people are very much affected due to price hikes in petrol and diesel.

Customers are becoming furious due to price hikes

A customer in Tripura said, “We are in a terrible situation which is becoming unbearable day by day. The state government should do something to change the policy of constantly increasing prices of petrol and diesel”. The drivers are also very much furious as the petrol price crossed 100 Rs. per liter on Monday.

The anger of customers was seen at many places

Another customer expressed his disappointment saying, “This is the first time in my life that the price of petrol has gone beyond Rs 100.” The anger and disappointment of common people were seen at many places of the state.

No response has been received from IOCL official

Tripura SUCI office secretary, Sanjay Choudhury said, “Most of the people in the country are facing a lot of problems due to bad economic conditions in the pandemic situation”. It is known that the government tried to contact the IOCL official but no response has been revived yet.

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