Panimur waterfalls: The Niagara of Assam is amazingly beautiful

Guwahati, 22nd October: The youthful waterfall of Assam, panimur waterfall is one of the underrated tourist destinations of Assam. Nature lovers will still really love the amazing beauty of the place and will get an inner peace sitting beside the waterfall.

Kopili river is one of the beautiful place to spend time with near and dear ones

The waterfall is situated on the Kopili river which is more beautiful. One of the very popular poets of Assam, Bhupen Hazarika has mentioned the Kopili river in one of his songs, comparing the beautiful river with a young girl with great zeal and enthusiasm. The river becomes very devastating in the monsoon season.

Best time to visit the place

The best time to visit the place is in the winter season as the temperature remains the most favorable during this time. Some more popular places to visit nearby panimur waterfalls are Haflong hill, Jatinga and Maining.

Panimur waterfall is becoming popular tourist place day by day

This is one of the offbeat destinations of Assam for both the adventure and nature lovers. The place is becoming popular day by day and tourists are loving the place to spend their vacations far away from the chaotic life of city areas.

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