Pandemic of Covid-19 rattled pineapple cultivation of Tripura

Kumarghat, 28th June: The pineapple growers of Tripura are very much disappointed with their sales in the year of 2021.

Last year, growers also faced huge loss

Just like the previous year, the pineapple growers did not get wholesale buyers to sell their fruits. The entire market of Unakoti has been flooded by the juicy and delicious pineapples. The growers are neither able to sell the pineapples to the wholesalers nor export it to foreign countries.

Lack of wholesale buyers are affecting the sales

The farmers of Kumarghat and Longtharai generated a huge profit till 2020 by cultivating a huge amount of pineapples. The spread of coronavirus has rattled the sales of pineapple growers in many districts of Tripura. As pineapple is a perishable fruit the farmers are forced to sell all the fruits at a very low price.

The pineapple growers are waiting for normal situation

A large number of wholesale buyers used to come from various places of Assam such as Lala, Karimganj, Patharkandi to buy a large quantity of fine apples from the grower at wholesale price. The pineapple growers of Tripura are facing a huge loss due this pandemic situation and hoping that the situation will soon be resolved

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