Packed in handmade bamboo crates, Tripura Sundari Temple’s Peda Bhog takes flight to Singapore

Tripura, 3rd December: The famous “Peda Bhog” is offered at Sundari Temple in Tripura. Which is widely known as Matabari in Udaipur, is now accessible by devotees from all over the world.

With the advent of technology and the Internet to bridge the gap between Tripura Sundari and the holy land of devotees, the very first overseas shipment of sacred offerings has been sent to Singapore.

If you chart out some of the things that define and feel the presence of Tripura in the country, then Tripura Sundari Temple will definitely top the list. The “Peda Bhog” offered at the temple is an essential part of this holy temple which attracts a crowd of lakhs throughout the year.

“The Singapore order was our first international order and we successfully delivered it two days back,” said Jayanta Datta, founder of Advance Technologies, a startup responsible for delivering Matabari Prasad online.

He also said that orders were successfully dispatched to a total of 12 Indian states, including Rajasthan, Orissa, West Bengal, neighbouring Assam, Nagaland, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, and many more.

50 orders delivered and 23 orders

The company started functioning on the eve of Diwali and used Facebook as a medium to reach out to the people and started taking orders through WhatsApp. He had also arranged for online worship.

Jayanta has said that many people ask for pictures of the puja when offerings are made to the holy mother. People also perform special pujas by mentioning ‘Gotras’ and names. These services have been started long back. We have also started a special service for Birthday Puja and Bhog.

He then informed that the website and mobile application of the start-up are being developed.

Jayanta said that he is going to launch it but what he understood is that he has to continue his WhatsApp service. So far 50 orders have been delivered and 23 orders are in the pipeline.

Currently, two types of packaging are being used; The first category is general and the second category is special which has the taste of rich handicrafts of Tripura.

Jayanta has said that he thought that he should never miss an opportunity to promote his rich handicrafts as well. Bamboo artisans work round the clock to make a living and if they can promote their work with the help of this initiative then it will be an added benefit to the state.

He said that the Singapore order was sent through special packing.

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