Northeast : Man from Arunachal Pradesh scales Mt. Everest in first attempt.

Everest: The Invincible

Everest is the dream of every mountaineer. It would be not wrong to say that it is the zenith that every mountain climber wants to reach. It requires an equal amount of strength, skill, and bravery as well.


This season, Abraham Tagit Sorang, a man from Arunachal Pradesh showed the courage to climb Everest. With the right skills and undefeated energy and strength, he made it possible to climb the world’s highest peak in his first attempt.

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Abraham Tagit belongs from Pipsorang, Tali circle of Kra-Daadi district. Tagit has been receiving praises for his inspirational achievement. The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, Brig. (Dr.) B. D. Mishra (Retd.) has also applauded Abraham Tagit. He said that his achievement is a proud occasion for the citizens of Arunachal Pradesh, and will inspire the youth. The Governor also extended his hope for Abraham to get vaccinated and hence, motivate the youth for the same.


Arunachal Pradesh Mountain Climbers on Everest : 

Tashi Yangjom was the only person to have climbed the mountain till now from Arunachal Pradesh in the current season.

Before Tagit Sorang, there have been 14 mountaineers from Arunachal who have attained this milestone.

Anshu Jamsenpa has been the only mountaineer among them to climb the mountain more than a single time, five times from the year 2011 to 2017.


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