Northeast India to experience Heavy Rainfall in the coming week

There has been water pouring in the whole Northeast for the past few days. However, it was limited to light showers or random drops. However, the climate is going to shift on a rather extreme side. The heavy showers have been forecasted over the area till next week, on June 07.


The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has suggested that low, moist southwesterly winds blowing from the Bay of Bengal will result in intense rainfall in northeast India. The heavy rainfall is supposed to be lasting for five days. The rainfall is supposed to be measured at 150 mm. However, it has all the chances to go as fierce as 250 mm.

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Forecast for the Various States


The forecast for various states by the meteorological departments is as follows:


Arunachal Pradesh- Friday to Sunday;

Assam and Meghalaya- Friday to Monday

Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, and Tripura- Saturday and Sunday


IMD has assigned a yellow watch over the respective states for the upcoming three days.

Impact of the Forecast


The department has issued notification for the citizen to stay alert regarding the climate. The state has already reached considerable precipitation levels beforehand the monsoon. The warning for ‘trigger flooding’ has also been issued by the department. Among all the states, Meghalaya is to undergo a denser monsoon.


The meteorologists are also suggesting a richer monsoon this year.




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