No Democracy in the state, ‘Paratrooper Leader’ forming Violence- says BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman

BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman made explosive allegations against his own party ruler and police administration before the municipal polls.

Just before the Tripura polls, BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman, made explosive statements against the police administration and CM. He said the power holder is running BJP in Tripura with the help of CPM goons. The culture of Tripura does not speak of terrorism. He also termed the current state leadership of the party as childish.

Roy Barman, who became minister in the Biplab Deb government but was then sacked for inexplicable reasons a year later, said: “Public order is the responsibility of the Home Secretary. to the public. No statement came from the Minister of the Interior that hooliganism would not be tolerated. What do you think of yourself? His days are numbered- I say.

The MLA added: “There is not an iota of democracy in Tripura. Tripura is suffocated. It doesn’t matter to us, which party we belong to. My duty as a BJP worker is to ensure that democracy is restored. The voice of the people is coming. heard … it’s my duty and I will.

Speaking about the TMC delegation meeting, Barman said, “Home Secretary Amit Shah met with the Trinamool delegation on Monday and assured law and order will be assured. This violence, however, gives Tripura and our party a bad reputation, added BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman.

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