New bamboo soap has been introduced on World youth skill day

Agartala, 15th July: Soaps made of bamboo have been introduced to Tripura. Tripura has already been famous for using bamboo and bamboo leftovers for making eco-friendly straws and household things. Bamboo technologist of Tripura, Samir Jamatia gave a new direction to tribes of Tripura to earn their livelihood from their own resources. The eco-friendly products will be beneficial for both the tribal community and the environment.

Bamboo sops can be used for skin care

Bamboo soaps are very much beneficial for maintaining a clear and good complexion. Besides cleaning the soap from within, it extracts the extra sebum from the skin. It also eliminates the dead skin making it more clear and fair.

Bamboo Soaps clears the skin and makes it soft, subtle

Soaps made out of bamboo also absorb oil, dirt and impurities from skin leaving the skin soft and subtle. Adding activated charcoal to the skincare product also improves the effectiveness of the soap. Tripura government has assured to help in this matter

The Tripura government has also decided to make more skin care products from bamboo. It will surely help the citizens to earn a good livelihood from making and selling bamboo soaps. The market price for the bamboo soaps are 13 rs each for a hundred grams of soap.


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