Nalbari Police recovers 97 Bottles of illegally stored IMFL

Nalbari, 29th June: The Nalbari police conducted a raid based on an intelligence output and found 97 bottles of illegally stored IMFL.

Nalbari police is doing their best in the war against drugs

Before this the Nalbari police have done many praisable works to reduce the illegal activities in Assam. The Assam police also gives immense support to the Nalbari police to win the war against drugs.

30 litres of illicit liquid was destroyed by the Police

The raid was conducted in a place named Barkuriha,Nalbari by SI Monimoy Tamuly. Under his assistance the Nalbari police recovered 97 bottles of illegally stored IMFL. Not only that, the team also destroyed 30 litres of illicit liquor. The police could not apprehend all the drug mafias but one among them was found to be apprehended.

The CM of Assam praised the work of the Nalbari Police

The CM of Assam praised the Nalbari police for such a big achievement and told them to continue their work to reduce the anti-social and illegal activities in Assam.

Both Assam police and Nalbari police shall not rest till the task is over and they are able to win the war against drug smuggling in Assam.

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