Nalbari girl gets arrested for posting vulgar whatsapp status on Assam CM

Guwahati, 23rd July: Nalbari girl gets arrested over her whatsapp which was against the Cattle Protection bill of Assam.

The girl questioned the CM through her whatsapp status

She was found questioning the Assam CM related to the cattle protection bill.

The girl involved in this case was identified as Pakiza Begum. The police arrested the girl from her residence in Komarkuchi area.

The whatsapp status on Assam CM spread over social media

The screenshot of the WhatsApp status of Pakiza spread over social media platforms very soon. It is known that the girl allegedly wrote a message on her WhatsApp status offering ‘beef’ to the Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma. It was a very disrespectful way of protesting against the capital protection bill of Assam.

Cattle protection bill was all about protecting the slaughter of cows in the state

The entire incident indicates that a major part of Assam is not satisfied by the cattle protection bill and all that Pakiza did was a protest against the bill. However the way of protecting against the bill was not expected. The Assam police has assured that proper investigation will be done whether only the girl was involved in this case or not.


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