Nalbari District Student Union protest against poor 4G network services

Protesters gathered at Jilikani Chawk


On Monday, 14th June Nalbari District Student Union protested against the poor 4g internet service in the district. The protesters gathered at Jilikani Chawk, Nalbari. They carried out the effigy of the cellular services viz-Jio, Vodafone etc. running in the area. Protesters demanded to improve this situation as soon as possible.


Students face difficulty in learning due to poor data services

Due to the present Covid-19 pandemic scenario, all the students are learning online. So, the connectivity of mobile data is quite essential for it. But due to poor network connection it is quite difficult to take the online classes. It is a major problem which students have been facing for a long time. The Union members gathered in order to raise their voice against this situation. A demand has been made by the protesters from the cellular service centers to rectify this situation at the earliest.


Demand raised by the Union


Regarding this, the leader of the Nalbari District Students Union asked the service centre to take immediate action. He further said that in case a proper action is not being taken regarding this issue, they will stand against the authority and take strong protest movements.



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