Nagaland: New MLA Keoshu Yimchunger took oath in the administration of Nagaland speaker

Kohima, 22nd October: New MLA of Nagaland’s Shamator-Chessore Assembly constituency, Keoshu Yimchunger took oath on Thursday Nagaland Speaker Sharingain Longkumer administered the oath of office to Yimchunger.

The oath was taken in the chamber of the assembly secretariat

The official oath was taken at his chamber in the Assembly Secretariat in Kohima. The new MLA was expected to be a part of the development of Nagaland which is facing many economic as well as political issues from a long time. The oath taking ceremony was held in the chamber of the assembly secretariat.

Yimchunger belongs to the United democratic alliance party of Nagaland

NDPP’s Keoshu Yimchunger was the common candidate who belongs to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA). Many eminent persons were also present in this ceremony of taking oath of new MLA.

Citizens of Nagaland expect a lot from the new MLA

Nagaland is one of the underdeveloped states of north eastern zone of India and it requires a lot of care and security at this moment. It is highly expected that the new email will work well and the citizens of Nagaland will be benefited by his works.

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