Nagaland : More Relaxations Given to Kohima District Regarding COVID-19.

Kohima got additional relaxation, starting from June 12th to June 18th, as per the deputy commissioner. No mask, No entry will be strictly followed within the public of Kohima district. This new changes will only be followed within the boundaries of Kohima, and will be implemented till 18th only. By looking into the needs plus safety, this new changes had been made.

Odd even for the private vehicles :

Under the jurisdiction of Kohima district this rules has been applied, so the deputy commissioner has allowed the private vehicles to go from one one place to the another as per their need.

Odd and even vehicles days ;

1. Even no.- vehicles can go on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. One point to be strictly noted that the registration number ending with even number shall be counted.

2. Odd no.- Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Registration number ending with even are counted, same as above.

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Shop opening timings : 

The main market area, highly school point shall be remain closed.

In the given date 12,14,17,18 the shops of computer, mobile, stationers, motar vehicle , hardware and electrical appliances, garage, automobile repair shop, selling vehicle spare parts can be opened in the given date.

Shop opening timing should be made between 6am to 2pm and it has been requested to people for trying cashless mode of transaction. It could help in less spread of virus, right at the moment.

This time have been made to ensure that crowd should be less at the market. One important thing is that, the shop located at the Highway which were restricted to open, can open the shop within the time limit. The milk shop, bakery shop, meat shop, business related shop, grocery, animal shop can be open within the given time limit.

Rules regarding Light motor vehicles, taxi : 

This order has led only for light motors and taxi only. That is on the basis of odd and even within district.
It is necessary for all the taxi driver to have a covid 19 negative report. The report should be earlier than 72hours of operation.
The taxi driver should also inform about the start of work to the regional transport officer. Strict checking of their report of covid19 should be done.


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