Nagaland: Drought like situation due to less rain this year

Dimapur, June 18: Drought like situation is prevailing in Nagaland due to the late arrival of the monsoon this year. ‘Farmers are being affected a lot due to drought-like situations in most of the places of Nagaland’, said G Kaito Aye, the agricultural and cooperation minister. He also added that seasonal crops such as cardamom and maize are drying up due to sufficient rain this year.

Climate-resilient crops will be used for better results

Adviser to horticulture and border affairs, Mhathung Yanthan expressed his concern for the conditions of the farmers due to drought-like situation in many places of Nagaland. He assured that the Nagaland government is taking preventive measures to show that farmers are not facing any issue due to this unexpected situation. Climate-resilient crops are going to be incorporated by the agricultural system of the state.

Effect of insufficient rain in Nagaland

About 68,662 hectares of jhum fields in 915 villages of Nagaland are affected due to insufficient rain. A core committee of Agri and allied departments have also been formed to monitor and review the grounded situation.

Distribution of seeds for rabi season will compensate for the loss

The agriculture department of Nagaland has also decided to distribute seeds of potato and vegetables from September so that the farmers can compensate for the loss by showing them in rabi season.



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