Murlen National park: Best place to visit in Mizoram

Aizawl, 23rd June: The travellers who love to explore and want to make their vacations memorable should surely visit Murlen national park of Mizoram. Here they will get a large variety of endangered animals and birds.

More than 150 species of birds are found here

This place is considered as the best place for the photographer who loves to take photos of wildlife. Birdwatchers can hope for an amazing experience in this National Park as more than 150 species of birds are found here. Murlen National Park will also amaze the travellers by its greenery and beautiful nature.

It is called the Amazon of India

You will be able to find many medicinal plants in this National Park. Murlen National Park is also considered as India’s Amazon for its dense thickness. Travellers visiting Mizoram should not miss uch a place where they will get to watch dangerous species of birds and animals.

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A large variety of animals can be seen

This place is a home of many animals such as leopard, hornbill, barking deer, tiger and so on. There is a place in this Park which is called the ‘losing area of seven men’. The local people believe that anybody entering this area has not come back ever. Travelers who want to make an adventurous trip full of adventurous activities must visit Murlen National Park.


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